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We make all sorts of animations and motion graphics. Simply saying: an animation is the result of multiple illustrations set in motion in a certain order.
Because these images are shown to us in a fast way the illusion of film is created. In our studio we use all kinds of techniques and ways to use these illusions and create a film or animation.
The output depends on the style, duration, how many frames-per-second are used, the overall look and feel and much more. Check out what kind of animation best suits your needs.


Let’s talk a bit about our workflow shall we? So you have been searching around for a company that can create professional animations for you. But you are not familiar with the process? You want to know how long it will take? What are the different steps that need to be taken and how close are you involved with the process? Say no more! We are the one you need!
During the entire process we will keep in touch and explain all the essential bits of the animation. Communicating is key! We will put all our knowledge and skills in telling your story to the world. But don’t worry! With each project we plan enough time to come up with unique and mindblowing results. Still want to know more? Here you will find our workflow in a nutshell.

IntergardeA IntergardeB
Concept Animation

1. Concept

We start like every other project should start: with the concept. At the beginning we start talking about what’s possible and the ideas you have. We meet, drink, talk and brainstorm. Based on the outcomes you will deliver or we will write a catchy script.As soon as we know what the content will be, we can determine and talk about the style. Will it be serious, iconic or storytelling?
Perhaps you already have an example or idea in mind that you really like. That’s no problem at all, we will discuss all the possibilities and most efficient  ways of approach during this first phase.

Design Image GIF

2. Design

Based on the script and the agreed style we will draw a storyboard. This will be a more detailed but sketchy way to get a first look of the animation. We know how to draw! But please keep in mind we are not Bob ross, so we assume you understand the message of the story we are telling. Now, together with a temporary voice-over, music and soundeffects we now have a clear visualisation of the duration and pasting of the animation. This is also the best time to come up with some changes, feedback and adjustments we should implement to make it stand out from the crowd.

Production Image GIF

3. Production

This is where the creative part takes place. After we have combined all the ideas, music and sound effects into this first animation we can now start will the real illustrations. These still images will replace the sketches of the storyboard and show what elements will be shown in the animation. It will becomes clear what style the result of the animation will have. We will make sure you will see enough designs during this process so we know we are all at the same level. When this is done we will put all the elements in motion. The animation comes to life and a story is slowly but surely being told.

Result Image GIF

4. Result

All the different element such as soundeffects, adjustments and finishing touches has been made and added to the animation. Now we can prepare to render the project.
The animation is done and it’s time to export it for all the different platforms you want the animation to be shown.
Maybe on your Youtubechannel, advertisement on facebook of just in a presentation? We keep in mind that the animation will be playable online and offline on PC, tablet, smartphone, tv and other devices. Now it’s time to share it with the world. Show them what you got!

Creating an animation mostly cost a lot of time and effort.

The different styles and the duration of the project will determine what the price will be. One thing is for sure. It will cost a lot of creativity! Every animation we make is unique and carefully designed to the needs of our clients. This is why we don´t have a direct answer to the question “How much does an animation cost?” At the start of every project we will discuss all the posibilities of the style, duration, branding, way of telling the message (in multiple languages) and other elements which can influence the price. Maybe you need more then just one animation… No problem! We can figure something out. So are you interested in having a professional animation?


An eye for cinema!

When it comes to creating an animation you have to keep in mind it can be a lot of work sometimes. We work hard with talented illustrators and animators to make the best results. We enjoy working on our projects, that way we always go the extra mile and make something awesome. During the project it is necessary to write a good script and design a clear storyboard. This way problems can be avoided later on in the process. It is also very important to understand how a movie is made. The illustrations and animations can be very good on themself. But if the camera-angles are wrong or the order of the scenes doesn’t make any sense it can cause problems with sending your message towards your audience.

Luckely we guarantee we can implement these skills because of our experiece in the television and filmindustry. Curious what we made during this time?

See for yourself!