Capture the right moments
to tell the story


Producing your corporate film means that we will find the unique ways and surprising aspacts of your company. The combination of the best shots, composition and editing will make sure the story will be interesting and and not easy to forget. A companyfilm is perfect to share and communicate on online platforms or to use offline on tradefairs or presentations.


Do you want to highlight just one service, product or element? Than a productvideo is the way to go. Let us create your productvideo or instructionvideo you want to explain towards your customers. A good productvideo ensures that your customers will see the true value and quality of your product or service within seconds!

TV Commercials

Do you want to communicate towards a bigger audience and broadcast your video on tv? We can create a tv commercial that will have a great impact and will promote your company for a long time. In less then a minute we can tell a story with a message. With the use of a tv commercial your brand will get a lot of exposure and attention. Which eventually leads to a bigger sales! Let our videoteam create your unique tv commercial.


Next to companyfilms and productvideos we also create weddingfilms. Here we capture the emotion and story of the day in the most moving way possible. This means not only capturing the events of the day, but capturing them in a way that utilizes the best possible movement, angles, and lighting. Because of this, and our professional equipment, we can create stunning weddingfilms as seen on our weddingplatform. Are you getting married? Contact us today and we make sure you can relive your special day over and over again with your very own weddingfilm.


Do you organize a festival, corporate event or party? Make a aftermovie! This way the visitors and even the absentees can (re)experience your event by just watching the aftermovie. Next to this the movie can be shared many times with the use of onlineplatfoorm such as Facebook and Youtube resulting in a higher exposure and perhaps more visitors next time. More info? Send us a message!


Cristal clear image

When we create your video we will capture the images in full HD or 4K. Next to this many online platform support Full HD and 4K so it would be a no-go if the quality would be less than the standards. Because of this bright and clear image lots of details will be visible on screen. Because of our experience in post-production we can determine what part of the video should get the most attention from our audience.

The right audio

We do not only have an eye for cinema. We also have a lot of musical expertise when it comes to soundeffects and backgroundmusic. That sounds about right! With the help of the professional soundbooth and the best audiogurus we can even record sounds, instruments and voice overs on the spot. This is how we can create audioproductions such as jingles, custom made backgroundmusic and voice over recordings.

The perfect voice

A matching voice over that will tell your story is just as important as choosing the right wheels for your car. We want to make sure the tone of voice fits your branding. Thats why it matters which language, mood and tempo you choose for your video. Eventually we will make sure the voice over will suit the video. Even if you don’t want any voice over we can tell your story to the fullest!

Our creative expertise

Because of our many years of experience in the animation and filmindustry we can now say we have developed an eye for cinematography. We don’t just create an animation or video for our clients, we raise the bar with every new project and try to achieve unique results. This is how we have built our portfolio in the last couple years and can proudly present it to you and our clients.

Teaser Trailers!

Next to all these services we also create trailers and teasers for upcoming movies, games, events and you name it! Usually there is not much to work with so we create the content ourself using visual and practical effects. These productions are very fun to work on. This is where our creativity really comes into play. We need to convince the audience or make them curious so they will visit the event or watch the movie. With the perfect shots and sounddesign we can send the right message to the audience in just a few seconds. Here you can find some teaser trailers we have finished for different platforms.